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By BabyRaimuneko
Hihi mommies, Rai-chan here. As you may be aware, I have yet to make my first call...my problem is I can't decide which one of you to pick for my very first, cuz you all seem so great that it's hard to choose. My other issue is that I am a girl (not a sissy, but legit. female) and I've noticed that most bABies here are male... so I would like to know what mommies think of girl babies. Do you get calls from females? are you cool with them? I realize I'm a minority, lol, but just thought I'd ask ^_^
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By Lexus
Most of the babies I talk to are boys or sissy boys, that's what the majority of our callers are. I don't mind talking to real baby girls one bit and it's very enjoyable to talk to adult baby girls. I am sure no matter which Mommy you call they will be glad to hear from you and take good care of you.
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By dllouie
I do believe the mommies and daddies here love all abies equally and treat them with care and respect. So don't be shy you will have a great time.
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By StepSisterMandy
I have had several female callers and I enjoy them very much. I dont think it makes a difference to the mommies, I think we look at everyone who is an ABDL equally, we are far from gender bias.
By MommieSara
I have also had calls with little girls before. I treat them just how they wish to be treated. When it comes to taking care of little ones, I love all of them! You will find all the Mommies here will be very good to you sweety!
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By MommyMaggy
We all love real baby girls sweetie! There is something about how a girl interacts with her mommy that is so special - like a certain something that shared only between a mommy and daughter (or daddy and daughter for that matter). So please know that you will be welcomed with open, loving arms with whom ever you choose to have your first call with.
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By SweetMommyCandy
basic baby care 101 is all the same for baby boys and baby girls :P Lots of TLC is a sure bet to make baby happy oh but with baby girls always wipe away drom the noonoo lol
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By BabyRaimuneko
To answer your question, Ava, I am indeed bi. I'm very glad to hear that there's no bias when it comes to the babies you get calls from...it gives me more encouragement to call. The only thing holding me back is money, but as soon as I get enough, one special mommy will be getting my call :)
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By MommyShirley
Oh you and your Mommy will have so much fun together honey.
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By Nanny Rachel
Does not matter who you are...girl..boy...sissy..you will be treated like you want to be treated...we all need our mommy at sometime...Rachel.. :wink:
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