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October 9, 2007
Sissies of the world unite.
October 15, 2007
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A batch of babies

Well those of you that read my 360 know that I am currently raising a different kind of baby. Or actually, I should say babies. I have a batch of squirrel babies. I had 5 yesterday and now the wildlife center called me up to take on 1 more. I love to care for all kinds of little ones. To feed and nurture and teach. It is my lot in life. I truly relish in caring for babies. And so many Abies out there need a good mommy to care for them. I will tenderly breatfeed you and give you one of my very special diaper changes. I will bathe you and feed you with the love only a mother has for her little one. If you are missing a mommies nurturing spirit, give me a call. I will give you all the care and love you need.


Call and ask for Mommy Josie~~~1 888 430 2010

All calls are discreetly billed as “Madison Enterprise”.
All calls from the United States and Canada are $1.99/min. All International calls are $2.99/min

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