Weekend Munch
October 2, 2007
A batch of babies
October 10, 2007

My mommy has a new project for me. One of her friends, who is very dominant with husband, wants to sissify him. My mommy knows how very much I love to play dress up, so she asked if I would like to guide them through the process. So first on the agenda was to buy some clothes. We went to the mall and drug him around and even made him try stuff on for us. He was mortified, heehee. His wife picked out two outfits. One was dress with some cute shoes and the other was more casual, pants and a top with some pink tennis shoes. We plan to go back to pick out more stuff very soon. Our second step was to go to the salon where my mommy and me take my sissy sister, and get him waxed and a nice girly haircut. She had been making him grow his hair out for some time now, so we had it shaped into a nice bob. Then we had him put on the dress in the salon and we brought along his wifes makeup kit so we could do him up. When he left the salon he was complete. He even got a new name. David is now Jenny. heehee

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