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October 2, 2007
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October 9, 2007
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Weekend Munch

  This past weekend was a blast.  A friend and I went to a ‘munch’ (if you do not know what that is google it).  There was one woman there with her submissive.  Low and behold after much eye squinting and moving around the room to get a better look, I came to realize that he had a diaper on.  Now this is a bit different then how diapers are used for ABDL’s and Sissies.  She, his Mistress, put him in diapers solely to remind him that he is well beneath her, and he does not enjoy wearing diapers.  After speaking with her for awhile I found out, he hates it, he even cries some times if She makes him wear them.  I found this interesting to say the least.  I am used to you lovely little one’s enjoying diapers, even if you are into ‘forced’ ware, not someone who HATES them.  I had a lovely conversation with his Mistress and gave Her some ideas as to what I think of diapers and what She can do with them.  You should of seen the look on his face as he silently listened to our conversation.  I think that maybe, after this weekend, and him hearing what was said, he may become a lot better at pleasing his Mistress.


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