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Sissy Baby Blackmail
December 5, 2019
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It’s Time For A Diaper Change Whether You Like It Or Not!
December 8, 2019

So many adult babies like to try to act like they are so big and tough. They will try to run away from stinky diaper changes, and they will fling their food off of their high chair tray before you can open your mouth to say no! These naughty little babies are going to find themselves experiencing quite a rude awakening when they see that this ABDL Mommy is not playing around! Complete and total domination lie in wait for those little ones who choose to act up despite warnings and spankings. Or maybe it is one of those sweet, submissive little sissies who so desperately need to be cared for by a dominating mommy who is not afraid to dole out strict punishment when necessary. Whatever the reason is for their need to be controlled, I will make sure that it is quite clear what is expected of them and what the punishment will be if they disobey. Big trouble finds those who try to go without a diaper or who make an attempt at taking their diaper off after mommy has changed them. Bare bottoms will get big old spankings right over mommy’s knee! Believe me when I say that they will not be able to sit for a couple of days after that spanking! Red as can be and burning hot, those hand prints of mine will show the error of their ways for quite a while! Diapers will remain on each and every bottom in this house, because mommy does not take kindly at all to peepee or poopy messes all over the house!
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