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Rewarding A Good Abdl
July 5, 2020
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From Sissy Slut To Sissy Baby
July 6, 2020

Hi sweeties! Your favorite ABDL Mommy has been awfully busy lately coming up with something that we are going to have ohhh so much fun playing with! I know that sometimes my poor little adult baby sweethearts have some trouble getting into that very perfect head space in order for them to truly let go of their fears and regress to their perfect “little” age. It can be so difficult, especially for my sweeties who do not get to have their adult baby mommy around all of the time. Lucky for you, I have come up with something that will do the trick the first time, each and every time! We just take this special age regression potion that Mommy cooked up for you, and we get it poured into one of your favorite baby bottles. We get it nice and warm, with me taking a moment to dribble and few drops of the potion on my wrist to test the temperature, and wouldn’t you know it, that those few drops completely revitalized my skin and removed any blemishes or creases found there. This is going to be a big step for mommy and babies alike! No more time spent crying because you can’t feel like the baby that you are inside if life is too yucky for you to focus on the good things like being little. Just close your eyes, drink up, and feel the years slip off of you until you open your eyes to see mommy’s perfect little baby!
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