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My Bio: 

     My name is Lacy, and some people call me Baby Lacy. I am called Baby Lacy because I like to imagine that I am a little girl who has regressed to her younger years. I really enjoy age regression because it puts me in a state of being in a younger mindset that is beneficial. This mindset is calming, and sometimes it is both a deliberate choice and, other times, it is an unaware choice. When I get into a child's role, I like to have my dominant take on the caregiver role. I am usually in the age range of 1-3 years old when I age regress. Because I age regress to the age range of 1-3 years old, I can be very unpredictable with my behavior. Sometimes you will not even know that I am there because I am quiet, then I can scream and have a temper tantrum a few minutes later. I love being that cute baby that everyone smiles at and loves to dress up and play with. I like to use different crayons to color. I also like to play with toys and get my hands sticky when I play in slime. I also like to play with dolls and comb their hair, and I like to cuddle with my favorite teddy bear while I have my pacifier in my mouth. I feel so free when I age regress as it is a very happy-go-lucky place. Never hold back from telling me what you want to do to me. I get really turned on when someone takes control and is the boss and oversees me and everything I do.

Just know that I am not that age regressed baby that will ever deserve corporal punishment because I will make sure that I always behave myself. I am not an age regressed baby brat but rather an age regressed little girl princess. You can feed me a sippy cup or bottle, or if you are a mommy boss of me, you can rest assured that I would be elated if you fed me from the erect nipples from your soft and juicy tits. If you are a daddy, you can feed me from that juicy sausage inside your pants, and I will suck on it for as long as you tell me to. I want to make sure that I am a good girl who behaves herself and does as she is told. Even though I love to age regress because of how it makes me feel, I also like to act like a mommy to an age regressed child. I know what it feels like to age regress, so this makes it easy for me to understand how to be a mommy to a baby who has age regressed. I am the perfect person to speak with to pamper you and ensure that you are snug and comfortable and when you age to regress to the baby stage. There are no fantasies prohibited or banned when we both explore them over the phone. Maybe you want to pretend to be my parent, babysitter, teacher, or neighbor when I age regress. Or maybe you want to explore the darker side of age regression fantasies by being my kidnapper, stalker, or random punisher that ran off with me from the playground then made me into your little age regressed submissive. I love to take what I do seriously. I am passionate about age regression to childhood. I am also a professional in taking care of age-regressed babies who willingly want to go back into the baby years. Though I enjoy roleplaying the caring and comforting role to those babies, I also like to switch things up and forcefully age regress adults. Adult babies need to be mentally prepared when I age regress because it is usually done to humiliate them back to the infant or toddler stage. When I force age regress adults at times, they may whimper and cry, and sometimes they will be obedient, but they may tremble and shake.

I know deep down that many adults want to age regress, but sometimes they are afraid to try it out and may need a bit of a push to get it done. I am the one to push and motivate others to do what they cannot do on their own. I make sure that I guide them along their way, and if there is hesitation, I will pull them out of it with my words. I am very influential and convincing when I role play, and it is important to me that I get you to age regress. I am also creative, and I have an enormous imagination. I use my imagination both on the phone and off in my everyday life. I have even submerged myself into the world of Furry Fandom world, and I enjoy it. When I was a little kitten, I really enjoyed it. I was the cutest kitten in the world that would open my little furry legs and lick myself between my legs while the furry cats would ogle and drool all over themselves. Whenever you are open enough to role play either as an age regressed baby or for me to age regress, or you want us to pretend to be furries, I am the one for you to play with. I am very unbiased, flexible, impartial, and easy-going. It is ideal if you had someone who is fair-minded enough to listen to your innermost private and secret fantasies and make them a reality when it is time to roleplay. When you talk to me on the phone, it is private and secure. The conversation between you and me is for you to become content and relaxed. You must make sure that you are in a place in your home that is comfy, cozy, and snug. Get into your bed, couch, easy chair, or even on your floor. Ensure that you are alone and in a private area where no one can see or hear you, and our fantasy play can begin.

    So if you are ready to play and have some exciting fantasy filled fun with a girl, then I am the girl for you! Love ABDL Lacy

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    Diaper Emergency call 1 (888) 430-2010

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