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How Do You Like To Fill Your Diapers?
November 16, 2019
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Sometimes Enema’s Are The Best Discipline
November 18, 2019

More often than not, I see these amazing adult baby mommies doing everything that they possibly can to make sure that their little sweeties are properly taken care of. Once in a while you might see an ABDL Daddy who knows what to do, but it is a rare occurrence! What I think would be just fabulous is if I could find a proper Daddy to teach how these diaper sissies need to be cared for! Imagine just how much fun it would be for me and for my babies if we had a strong, handsome Daddy around to help me get things done! Of course, getting him properly taught how to care for these precocious littles will take some time, but I am patient and the thought of getting to share my knowledge of my babies gets me so excited at the opportunity! We have many areas to cover in our lessons before I would feel comfortable letting that new Daddy take the reins. After all, I just would never be able to forgive myself if my babies did not end up getting the proper care and love that they need! It takes many kisses and much cuddling for an adult baby to feel satisfied, and I would make sure that those babies got to snuggle up right between Mommy and Daddy when it was time to go night night. After some time has passed, I might even let Daddy try and get my babies dressed for the day in whatever cute outfits that he and the little ones picked out together. If I see wrinkled clothes and mismatched socks, of course Mommy will have to step in and make sure that our babies are looking cute and well put together! I can just picture all of the fun things that we will get to do together when we have a Daddy around to help me get things done! It will be so beneficial to Mommy and babies alike, just wait and see!
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