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September 20, 2019
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ABDL Mommy Breastfeeding Sessions

Girl Breastfeed Milk Nipple of Mother Suck the Breast Smoother

There are so many parts about being an ABDL Mommy that I just love. I do have a few favorites though that I really tend to look forward to more than others. One of these special and coveted times for me is when I get to breastfeed my babies. When it comes time, I go and scoop up that cute adult baby from the nursery and get them swaddled up nice and cozy. It is so important for my little ones to feel snug and secure while I feed them. I have my favorite wooden rocking chair in the corner near the large bay window, and it is ready and waiting for us. I take a seat and hold my baby close while I reach up to undo my nursing bra and reveal my large breasts, heavy with milk for my sweetie to drink up. This is such a precious time when my babies are deep in their age regression, and I make sure to tend to every detail of a feeding. I watch them close their eyes and suck quietly, a smile on their face and on mine while I watch them happily, knowing that with every suck they are filling their tummies up. I let them drink their fill and then some, wanting to make sure that they will be full and sleepy and snooze through the night without waking up hungry. After I can feel that they are starting to slow down, I grab a nearby towel, nice and soft for my baby’s sensitive skin. I drape it over my shoulder and gently lift my little one up to my shoulder, propping them up against my chest before I begin softly patting and rubbing their back. I keep doing this for several minutes or longer, however long it takes to get a nice burp or two from my baby so that I know they won’t be getting any cramps after eating. With a full tummy, Mommy can put them to bed now knowing they will sleep deep and sound.
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