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September 21, 2019
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Sean’s Diaper Night
September 22, 2019
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Do you love to get all dressed up for mommy like a good sissy baby always should? Ready and eager to be slipped into your diapers and some ruffled diaper covers to put over them, along with a lacey dress short enough to show those diapers to anyone watching? Of course, you are! And you’ve been so good lately that I decided to get you a little award so I asked another mommy if her sissy could come play with you and she said yes!  The two of you can play naughty versions of Pop Goes the Weasel (that’s a fun one!), Peek-a-boo… maybe even kiss and stroke one another’s clitties through your diapers while we watch with an approving smile. And if we told the two of you to press your diapers against each other, to press and rub your clitties against each other until you make little creamies that leak into your pretty sissy diapers! Is your clittie getting hard just reading this? Then why don’t you call me for some sissified phone sex so I can tell you just what I would want you to do!



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