Forced age regression diaper hypnosis diaper play
Age Regression Hypnosis To Keep You In Line
February 1, 2020
Naked teen wearing the waddle yellow diaper
Diapered Sissy Gets Humiliated
February 8, 2020
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(ABDL Stacey) Mommy Tawny wrapped her arms around Jimmy, wrinkled her nose and told him that he was a stinky adult baby and it was time for his diaper change. She opened up the crib and helped him out so he could toddle over to the changing table and hop right up. His onesie was unsnapped, his legs up in the air while she untaped his abdl diaper and slid it from underneath him. The baby wipes felt so good on his skin that he giggles some more, then outright laughed when she tickled the back of his knee. She was gentle and took her time, applying a bit of diaper rash cream, then coating his diaper and himself in a thick layer of sweet baby powder. The smells always made him feel so little! His diaper was soon taped snuggly around him and she was getting him up for breakfast with a smile. Why don’t you call me for some age play phone sex?



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