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April 10, 2018
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April 13, 2018
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Addicted To Enemas

Cute smiling woman standing in stylish Sexy Pose

You have a dirty little secret and this Mommy knows exactly what it is. I know you’re addicted to enema phone sex. You’ve been this way ever since Mommy gave you your first flush. You were so upset because your tummy hurt and you couldn’t go potty. So Mommy did what she does best and improvised. You were a little nervous at first and embarrassed that Mommy was so close to your hiney. I made sure to put a little Vaseline on the outside of your bum. You flinched a bit from the coldness of it and I made sure you stayed very still as I started to slip the hose inside your bottom. Once it was inside I grabbed the bag and slowly started squeezing the fluid inside you. Your eyes got bigger as Mommy squeezed the rest of it in you, suddenly feeling very full. That little pee pee between your legs was sticking straight up now. It showed just how much you enjoyed having your Mommy giving you your first enema. And when you made silly little excuses time after time about needing them I smiled and didn’t say a word each time I gave you one. You like fetish phone sex and Mommy knows it!



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