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Mommy Janey’s Adult Baby Diaper Assignment Video
April 8, 2018
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Addicted To Enemas
April 10, 2018

Well would you look at that. I think we have ourselves a group of dirty diaper phone sex lovers! Mommy Ava knows just how much you love going potty in your diapers but today were going to try something a bit different! This story is going to get really stinky if you catch my drift so if you aren’t a fan of toilet play or scat this isn’t the fantasy for you! Okay so that being said we all know what it’s like to wear a diaper and mess it themselves, but has anyone ever thought of having another adult baby make messies in your diaper too? Like a little diaper toilet and urinal! I think it would be stinky but fun! Especially if you love toilet play we could have a whole group of adult babies and diaper lovers come over and just go potty in your diaper and force you to wear it the entire time like a big stinky scat phone sex lover! Now how does that sound? That’s taking playing in a dirty diaper to a whole new level!



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