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July 15, 2020
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Petticoat Punishment For Naughty Babies
July 19, 2020
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Adults Who Wet the Bed??

abdl nursery mommy phone sex

Oh my, I think I see that someone had a little accident while they were sleeping last night. Well, it isn’t exactly small, is it? Your sheets are completely soaked. You naughty ABDL Stacey, you should know better to take your diaper off when Mommy puts you to sleep for the night. You know that you can’t make it through the night without making a peepee mess, so you must learn to keep the diaper on all night! Being an adult bedwetter can be scary and complicated, but with an experienced and loving ABDL Mommy like me, you will learn to love your adult baby diapers! You are not going to learn to use the big boy potty. You will spend the rest of your life being diapered and coddled by your mommy and using only your diapers when you need to go peepee or poopoo. You will always know that after you make a big mess in your diaper, that your sweet and sexy Mommy will be right there to get you all cleaned up and freshly diapered! A nice warm bottle after we put your bedtime diaper on will soothe your tummy and help you drift off to sleep with sweet dreams about the next day that we get to spend together.
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