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April 21, 2016
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April 28, 2016
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Another Email From Sissy Fag Tyler

For a photoshoot, a naked girl strikes a stance.
Dear Ms Ava:
I am writing to you in the faint hope that someone will see your site and have pity on me.  I know that I am a loser.  Over the years, I have been fixated and obsessed with coming out in public as a sissy baby that needs punishment and humiliation.  I have contacted masters and daddy’s but backed out- as you can attest to.  I am desperate now to find my true life as a sissy baby that is controlled and dominated by a strong man.  I have told you about my fantasies about being made to wear diapers and spanked by a strong man. He would dress me in pink, with a bonnet and other sissy/baby clothes.  He would take me out in public like to a mall and either take me shopping or for errands, and I would have to hold my hand.  Now I am craving that the strong men in my new office dominate and humiliate and sissify me.  Maybe you could contact them and tell them who I really am.  They would call me out and make me the office sissy/errand boi.  I would take dictation. If i did something wrong, any of them could pull me over his big lap and pull down my clothes and give me a hard spanking.  I would have to wear sissy clothes and an anklet and necklace that says: sissy or cock lover or faggot.  When a client came in, they would introduce me as Sissy Tyler, tell them that I allow them to dress me up and dominate and humiliate me.  The secretary would be laughing at me as well as the other female in the office.  I would have to beg for a “feeding,” of DADDY’s CUM, which would always be in a coffee mug on the conference table with my name on it, Sissy Tyler’s drink.  I would have to kiss all their shoes and dress them when they had an appointment out of the office.  All my friends, including Mark would be invited to the office, not knowing what I had become to witness my sissy humiliation.
sissi fagboi Tyler
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