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April 7, 2007
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April 28, 2007
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baby talk

      In the last week I have gotten to talk to a few new abies and play with them. New ideas and new abies always make me happy. After we chat in the chat room for awhile, it makes the conversation like one with an old friend. Or maybe I am just less nervous than those I talk to? Just as I get ideas from personal experience on things to do on the phone, I take ideas from the phone and share those with my abie.

     He has been fascinated lately with the idea of being unable to speak except for baby talk. He does baby talk now, but he likes the fantasy of having no choice.We played with it a little. He was being fussy and pulling off his diapers and being like a lot of you I know. 😉

    Mommy had gotten special babybath from a friend. Shortly after his bath he was unable to talk like a big boy at all. When he first tried he was amazed that baby jibberish came out of his mouth instead of real talk. There must have been something in that babybath that soaked into his pores and affected him in a strange way. My poor guy.


Mommy Scarlet

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