baby talk
April 26, 2007
Little Sissy Abies!
May 3, 2007
baby talk
April 26, 2007
Little Sissy Abies!
May 3, 2007
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Speak No Evil



   Hiya everyone, I decided to try and write a poem. I hope that you like it or at least don’t hate it.Hehe

I always get to read everyone else’s ab and dl poems and stories,I wanted to do one too.

My boyfriend is the best

He lets me pick where we go out

He gets answers for my mid terms test

It’s whatever I want, that he’s all about

My friends think he is hypnotized

Acting like no other boy does

By his friends he gets criticized

His answer to why he does it all is, “just because”

I know why he’s wrapped around my finger

And he better keep me happy or they’ll all know too

Outside his bedroom door, I decided to linger

I knew right then I had him, he would die if anyone knew

That his sweet little girlfriend

Blackmailed him with his secret

His dirty secrets privacy would depend

On her demands being met

When you’re a closet diaper boy

You have to keep girls like me happy

Or else you become my toy

Blushing beet red with my friends seeing you in your nappy


This is my first diaper/abdl poem so be kind please.


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