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     Hello Adult Baby Diaper Lovers, who are also my patients, I am nurse Betty, and I specialize in roleplay sessions called medical fetishism. Close your eyes and go back in your mind to the time when you played games as a kid. Do you recall when you were a little one, and you would play doctors and nurses? Were you the one that was the patient, or did you enjoy playing the role of a patient? Some people still enjoy that game of doctors and nurses today, but what is different is that as adults and they have transformed it into a sexual fetish, and that is called medical fetishism. In this fetish, the activities often focus on sexual and/or sensitive areas of the body such as vaginas, breasts, nipples, penises, testicles, and anuses. All the body parts that I enjoy utilizing in medical fetish play. If you are a novice in the world of medical fetishism, I will engage in mild roleplay with you. In mild roleplay, I will be dressed as a nurse in my white uniform while you are my patient, and I will start off by gently checking your blood pressure, heart, and lungs and then move on to your genitals. In the process of examining your genitals, I will ask you a series of questions about your health and family history; then, I will proceed to have you open your robe for me to grab our penis and hold it in my hand. I will inspect it thoroughly, and at some point, it will grow right before my eyes. I will also hold your balls in my hand and squeeze them slightly and have you cough a few times.

I enjoy medical fetishism because it overlaps with sadomasochism and BDSM. In other words, I like to inflict pain, and those that I inflict pain on enjoy immensely. I will not force an ABDL to do anything that they don't want to; they are willing to endure my procedures because they are submissives. Even though no one is forced, if the foreplay involves forces as part of the session, the adult baby and I will establish a safe word to stop playing if the session gets too intense. In the BDSM community, medical fetishism inside a sadomasochistic activity is referred to as 'edgeplay.' Edgeplay activities are also called RACKs (Risk-Aware Consensual Kinks). This means that the people who decide to play are aware that their sexual fetish may result in bodily harm and irreversible damage. But when I roleplay over the phone, the risks that are associated with in-person play are non-existent. I can be the kind and loving nurse or the mean and sadistic one, or even a little bit of both in between. Medical fetishism enables me to indulge in exhilarating and intrusive activities with your body. I am in the role of a dominant, which is the nurse role, and you will be in the role of a submissive. The variety of medical play that we will engage in is both enthralling and wonderful. Whatever your medical imagination comprises, I am eager to indulge. It is a pleasure for me to satiate you with an enema, observing your stomach increase, washing out all of your fecal matter, making you cleaner than you ever imagined. In medical fetishism, people who derive sexual pleasure from receiving enemas are from the term referred to as klismaphilia. If I decide on giving you a more in-depth exam, I will slide a variety of metal tools into your most delicate parts, exploring the combination of trepidation, trust, and inconceivable gratification. The prostate exams that I administer are exceedingly draining, allowing you to ooze continuous genital fluids without my assistance of laying a finger on pathetic parts.

In addition to klismaphilia, there are other types of medical fetishes comprised of genital and rectal exams and procedures that excite many people. Having suppositories inserted, having their temperature taken rectally, or having a prostate massage all can be sexually arousing. Some derive sexual pleasure from having catheters inserted, and they are called catheterophiliacs. And those who derive pleasure from the thought of being an amputee is called apotemnophilia. Medical fetishes can also be experimented with at home if you have an open and understanding partner. I have spoken to couples who called me to ask how they can incorporate this lifestyle into their bedroom sessions, and I told them to have the female buy a sexy nurse outfit at a sex shop in the neighborhood and act out a master/slave roleplaying set-up in which there is a nurse/patient dynamic. I also advised them to buy a first aid kit and utilize it as a part of their roleplay session to add variety to the mix. Some items that I made the purchase were bandages that were to be used as handcuffs. I also had them use band-aids in the roleplaying session that could be placed on the submissive ski, then quickly pulled off. I also have couples research actual medical exams and incorporate them into their medical play, and these exams include breast and testicular examinations. Gloves are also a great resource to use and make the role play have a feeling of authenticity. I would have the nurse's role include incorporating the gloves to conduct anal and pelvic exams. Repeatedly inserting fingers into various orifices of the body is a real turn on for the medical play. Having a patient get on his or her knees is a vulnerable position, and it gives me as the nurse an upper hand; and I can delay the exam as long as I choose while I observe the private parts of the submissive as they are naked and exposed. There is also an additional excitement in incorporating the psychological aspect of the roleplay scenario. Making fun of the patient's private parts and making him or her feel humiliated and ashamed is also a great excitement for both myself and the submissive.

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