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November 21, 2016
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November 27, 2016

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I know that it’s not even December yet, much less Christmas, but I’m just so excited! I’ve already gone shopping, though I’m not nearly done, and bought so many pretties for my pretty little abdl babies!  I’ve got cute dresses, and the shoes to match for my little girls and my sissy boys. For my little boys I have some onesies with all sorts of patterns on them, and overalls, and sneakers to they can run around like the rambunctious boys they are!  For everyone I have pacifiers, and bibs, and diapers, and the best toys to play with.  I would love to get all my little ones together so I could watch them play with each other while they crawled or walked or run around my adult baby phone sex house, laughing and having themselves a wonderful time.  Does that sound like it would be a lot of fun for you? Call me so we can talk all about it!



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