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January 29, 2022
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I am an abdl mom that just loves all fetish play.  If you can think it, mommy can do it.  Mommy likes everything sexual, and mommy likes to try it all.  So come to mommy and let mommy know what you enjoy, and mommy will make all your fantasies come true.

Do you have a breastfeeding fetish?  Perfect if you do, because mommy has full heavy breasts that need to be nursed from before they start to leak milk.  Crawl up into mommy’s lap and let mommy cradle you against her warm body.  Mommy will pull her top down and as soon as that hard nipple touches your lips, open your mouth and start sucking.

Mommy’s warm sweet milk squirts into your mouth and slides down your throat.  That’s a good baby!  Fill that belly up with mommy’s yummy breast milk.  Mommy’s milk is so good for baby.  Mommy will hold you and rock you as you nurse.  Mommy will rub your back and pat your bottom, as mommy watches you suck on her boobies.

A little incest phone sex with Mommy Candy will have you leaking from that peepee.  You will be begging to fuck mommy, over and over.  Mommy just loves making her little ones feel good.  To see your hips start moving as you start humping against mommy, makes mommy’s pussy very wet.  Your little grunts and groans as you get closer and closer to making a sticky cummy mess for mommy.

That’s music to mommy’s ears.  Mommy loves to hear the whimpers that escape your little mouth as you get more and more excited for mommy.  And if you are a good baby, mommy will be nice and let you put your peepee in mommy.  Anywhere you want.

You can do anything you want to mommy, but you have to earn the privilege.  Mommy is always ready to play, and mommy is definitely always wet and horny.  All you have to do is come to mommy when you’re ready for some fun.  Don’t be scared, don’t be shy, and don’t hesitate a moment longer.

Mommy likes it all, so don’t be timid.  Use mommy to make all your fetish fantasies come true.  Have you always wanted to try something but was too nervous to initiate it?  With Mommy Candy, you have nothing to worry about, mommy is just as eager to experiment as you are.

Mommy is curious and very open minded and extremely sexual.  Nothing you say will turn mommy off.  So, embrace your kinky side and your naughty nasty thoughts and give mommy a call ASAP.  Share with mommy your wildest desires and let mommy help you experience it all.

Then you can curl up in mommy’s arms as we lay in a wet sticky mess.  Cuddled together, as we snuggle and soon fall into a deep slumber.  A smile on your lips as mommy holds you tight.  And sweet dreams for mommy’s baby.  You earned it after all our fun.

Mommy Candy


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