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April 24, 2018
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April 29, 2018
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Completely Flooded

Last night my new phone sex adult baby wore a pull up, first time in awhile. When he went to bed he curled up, looking so cute, and put in a paci. Almost immediately he lost control and filled his Adult diaper with warm piss and a big smile on his little face. It wasn’t quite an accident but it’s the closest thing he had ever gotten! He was so excited that he came a couple minutes later. Then he went to sleep, so happy in my warm, cum filled diaper.

This morning when he woke up his bladder was full again, and so he peed in the soggy pull ups. This time, there was so much piss it completely overflowed and he was lying in a warm puddle. He tried to stop himself but just couldn’t. He ended up touching himself and cumming again and that is when mommy caught her new naughty boy. “My naughty adult boy, shouldn’t be touching yourself without mommy.” Mommy was so happy to help baby out with that hard on in his diaper. He he!



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