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April 20, 2018
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April 26, 2018
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Sissy Dress Up

Fantasy Pretty Ass Girls Showing Off Their Flexibility from Erotic Nude

Mommy has such a treat in store for her tiny ABDL SISSY
baby today. Today we’re gonna go to a parade . We’re going to put you in your prettiest outfit . You know your pretty pink dress with the ruffles all over it . And then we’re gonna make sure that you have on noisiest diaper that makes you waddle when you walk. Because it looks so silly on you and you have biggest waddle when you have it on . Then we’re going to put on your ruffle panties and your pretty little ruffled socks and black Mary Jane . We have to make sure your hair is very pretty also with lots of ribbons and curls . Aren’t you the prettiest sweetest baby mom has ever seen . Now it’s time to go to the parade but there’s a catch you see we you are going to watch a parade . You’re going to be the parade . A big sissy parade . We’re going to walk around the neighborhood and show all the beautiful women in our cul-de-sac just how big of a sissy you really are . And I’m sure they’re gonna love it . Because they’re going to laugh and point at you and say how much you are not a man ! We want to make sure that all the women in the neighborhood know how big of a sissy you are ! So you’re gonna waddle yourself around this whole neighborhood and your pretty little outfit and a big sissy parade ! If you want to hear more If you want to hear more  call

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