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Who Is Your Favorite Phone Sex Mommy?
July 11, 2019
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Cuckolded Fantasy
July 15, 2019

I woke up early this morning before the sun had even peeked over the horizon. I did not wake on my own, instead I was startled when I heard your frightened cries coming from the adult baby nursery down the hall from my bedroom. I quickly threw back the covers and headed right for your nursery, leaning over the crib and cooing at you softly to calm your crying. It was at the same moment that I brought my hand to rest upon your head, that flash of lightning outside and a sudden loud rumble of thunder sent you trembling and crying again. This simply would not do! I lifted you up, holding you close to me where you would surely feel warm and safe. I gave your bottom a pat and realized that your diaper was squishy and warm to the touch! Oh, the humiliation of that nasty storm scaring you so badly that you made a mess in your diaper… Lucky for you, mommy is here to get a nice fresh diaper on that bottom, and the mess you made in that dirty diaper will be a thing of the past. We get you all comfy on top of the changing table near the window where you can watch the rain while I change you. I grab some wipes and powder so I can get your bottom cleaned up and smelling fresh before I put a new diaper on you. Lifting you up, we slide the fresh diaper under your bottom before setting you down on the nice clean padding and taping it up nice and snug around your waist. Plastic pants are a must have when it comes to changing babies that are more prone to messes, and given the storm raging on, we are not going to risk any leaks! It is too nasty to play outside, so I have a day of warm bottles and snuggles, cartoons, and plenty of kisses for you today, little one. Do not fret over the weather, it will not do much to keep us from having fun!
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