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September 26, 2020

I will never forget the first time I met your daddy. He was so handsome and suave, he just swept me right off of my feet and caught me completely off guard the moment he opened his mouth to speak to me. It was really something, that feeling of excitement and even anxiety knowing that you just so happened to have gotten lucky enough to stumble upon someone that you instantly realize that you want to get to know. We had plenty of fun going out on dates, and he wasted no time telling me about you! He lights up with a huge smile whenever he talks about you, and I knew that you meant the world to him. I was so excited to get the chance to meet you. He invited me over for a nice family dinner the following weekend, and I could not say yes fast enough! I knew that it was going to be my chance to meet you and spend time with you face to face. That was so important to your daddy and I because we wanted you to know how loved you are. Now, there are so many things to love about your daddy, but when I first met you, I realized that there were a few things that he needed some help with. The most important of these things was you! He had already told me before I got to meet you that you were an adult baby. I am an experienced mommy, and I have had plenty of practice and opportunity to take care of ABDLs. Now, your daddy was trying his best to do right by you, but when it comes to age regression, it is not always as simple as someone as caring as your daddy might think it would be. This was no problem for an abdl stemommy like me. I had no problem taking the time to plan and teach a crash course on how to be the perfect abdl daddy for you! We practiced week after week, on you, of course! After all, we were doing all of this so that your daddy would learn just how an adult baby needs to be treated and taken care of. He admitted to a few things he had been doing wrong. He can be forgiven though for things like going a bit too long without giving you a diaper change… He said sometimes he would come into the nursery to check on you and realize that you were waddling around with a saggy, stinky diaper swaying between your legs, obviously too full for another bit! He always looked sheepish and embarrassed talking about these incidents, but you and I always reassured him that we knew he was being the best daddy he knew how to be when it came to your special needs. We will have him trained up in no time!

Stepmommy Tawny
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