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Diaper Changing Stepmom Teaches Daddy About ABDLs
September 26, 2020
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Diaper Domination with Stepmom Tawny
September 26, 2020
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Your First Time in the ABDL Community?

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There comes a time in every potential ABDLs life in which they finally realize just who they are inside… It can be hard for some babies to come to terms with  these new and confusing thoughts that they are having, especially if they do not have someone in their life that they feel like they can confide in and talk to about this. Sometimes this realization is unexpectedly scary for an adult baby or diaper lover who is new to the lifestyle and all that it has to offer. If you are a brand new baby who is completely new to the lifestyle, this can be incredibly overwhelming. Lucky for you, you could not have stumbled upon a more perfect place to learn and grow into your new adult baby lifestyle! There are plenty of mommies, stepmoms, babysitters, and more who are here to teach you and take care of you, whatever you might need! We are experienced mommies here, and we know that each and every adult baby and diaper lover who comes into our nursery is unique and has different needs, desires, and dreams for their new life as an abdl. So many factors can differ from one baby to the next. There are babies who love getting to suck on a nice warm bottle while they are curled up in their mommy’s lap. Other babies have a strong preference for strictly getting breastfed by their mommies. This is a personal favorite of mine as well, but I always cater to the needs of my little ones, so a bottle will always be an option for the babies who prefer that! I am personally a more loving and patient mommy than some other out there, but that does not mean that I do not lay down the law and discipline with force when the need arises! Further still, there are babies whose little bottoms need a nice cloth diaper as opposed to a disposable one. Some babies just love being diapered in cloth versus disposable and they enjoy seeing the cute new diaper pins that their abdl mommy picks out for them every time they get a diaper change. I have so many diaper pins to choose from, and I like to pick them based on what is going on that day, or even based on the moods of my babies! There are some babies who prefer only disposable diapers, and I can’t say that I blame them! Disposable diapers are nice and thick, and doubling them up is guaranteed to make for that adorable diaper waddle. Have no fear, this abdl mommy keeps a close eye on how full and stinky those diapers get, and a diaper change is never far off when you need one. Do not have any fear about your new life. We will make sure that you are given everything you need as an abdl!

Mommy Candy

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