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January 24, 2019
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January 25, 2019

Michael tried to stop crying but the tears just kept on streaming down his cheeks. His arm and legs pinwheeled around, as much as he could anyway, but that just made Liz chuckle and reach out to boop him on the nose. He didn’t have a clue how she did it, but she had put him through some kind of horrible forced age regression! He’d been feeling a little off the past few days, but just an hour he started burning up. He hit the intercom button to tell Liz that something wrong, to call an ambulance, but all she did was chuckle then walk back into his office, locking the door after she was inside. He moved to stand up, ask what she was doing but he had to make a quick grab for his pants because they were falling off of him! ‘I know this is a big surprise, dear, but I decided to find out if you would make me a better baby than a boss. I shrunk you!’ she said. What will happen next? Click right here to read the rest or call me for some age regression phonesex.



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