Phonesex fantasy girl Lacy
February 7, 2008
Nanny Packs the Diaper Bag
February 12, 2008

i had a little one to call the other day and oh my goodness was he in a mess his diaper was hanging to his knees and he was in such a mess i didn’t think he would ever come clean.took him upstairs to the bathroom stripped him down gave him a nice warm soapy bath.but i do think he got more water on me and the floor than maybe himself . i will tell you this he loves the water he splashed water all over the bathroom it was alot of fun giving that baby a bath . then i took and dried him off with a nice big fluffy towel then took him into the nursery and put sweet smelling lotion on him he just layed there and cooed.put a nice clean diaper on him then put him on blue sleeper gave him nice warm bottle of milk by that time he was getting very i took and  layed him down in his crib tucked a nice soft blue blanket around him turned the lights down low.and there he he slept till the next morning such a sweet baby he was.

mommy lorraine

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