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Naughty Babies Get Spanked
December 19, 2018
Adult Teen Boy Pushing his wet diaper with hand
Mommy Janey Abdl Story Time
December 23, 2018

And just want to you need to call an ABDL Stacey for? It could be for so many things, like a diaper change, or could be to tell me just how naughty you have been. Naughty abdl’s get punished, don’t they, whether it’s a spanking, corner time, another spanking, maybe an overly large enema, then another spanking.  I wonder how hard it will be to keep your little bum from  getting you in trouble. I’m going to assume that that is physically nearly impossible, since that‘s exactly what you about to get now.  Any diaper position is as good at the rest, so you can bend down and grab your ankles, lay on your back with your legs up and knees to your chest while you receive your very just awards for being so gosh darn naughty.  The more you are spoiled the worse it’s going to be for you.  So take this spanking and watch while I decide what to do with you. Call for your discipline phonesex.



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