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June 20, 2018
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June 24, 2018
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Humiliating Sissy Play

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Aww, why are you crying, Baby? Are you still embarrassed about all the pretty things that I have dressed you in? I can’t say that I understand why you want to cry crocodile tears, and fuss so much when it’s quite obvious just how much you enjoy those pretty things. Or it might be just how good those silk panties feel rubbing against your big clitty! Either way, you are already starting to soak the front. If you stay this excited you’re going to start dripping on the floor! All that’s going to do is make another mess as you walk around…go ahead and play with that ridiculous thing until you have a sissygasm in those pretty panties! Be sure to catch all of your cummies in your hand so you lick it clean after you’re all done. Now, what else should I do to my ? Give me a call so I tell you every dirty detail!


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