Girl removing her panty and ready to show ass
Tawny The DommyMommy
June 19, 2018
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Humiliating Sissy Play
June 22, 2018

Daddy has taken special care to introduce me to what it means to be ABDL Stacey. We started simply enough, my sending pictures and videos on command while he’s away and obeying master’s simple orders during playtime.

He’s shown me the benefits of prolonged phone sex orgasms and how to earn rewards or punishments. Kitten is a little bratty and has already had to be punished for not following Daddy’s orders. However, sometimes, Kitten just likes to be punished.

Our first real, in person session, included several long, hard orgasms assisted with my Hitachi and lots of inner thigh spankings.

My little pussy was practically purple from a ABDL Stacey! I had to beg and beg to finish. Dripping wet all the way to my asshole. And Daddy delivered, I was given permission and my hips bucked in such ecstasy. We learned something together that evening, Kitten laughs when she cums that hard! Who knew it could tickle so?

Daddy has told me next we will do the same but with my hands restrained. Also, pretty little collar is on its way so I can greet Daddy at the door, properly.



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