Beautiful Slim Boy wearing Diapers Lying On Bed
Phonesex Exhibitionism!!
June 16, 2018
Daddy’s Little Kitten
June 20, 2018

Do you like when you’re ABDL Stacey gives you kisses and licks all over your cock? Oh I know you do I can tell, now watch as mommy lifts up your peepee with my hand and I start to stick it in my mouth and i go all the way down on it! You cry out and then I stop and take some rope and tie down your peepee and put some icy hot on your balls and fold up your diaper and add some nice ice to it, you start panting really fast because f the intense sensations you’re feeling from the ice and the icy hot, then I reach and open the drawer and pull out some nipple clamps and place them on your nipples and watch as you start to wiggle! Then I climb up on the changing table and sit down right n yur face and you can smell your mistress pussy juice through the purple panties. Call me for some ABDL Stacey!



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