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Aww Look At That Itty Bitty Peepee!
March 14, 2018
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Cuddle Time With Your Auntie!
March 17, 2018

 I know your secret. I know that when you see  abdl mommy out in public with their sweet little baby’s your jealous and you want that to be you, oh so bad! I know that when you’re at the mall or at a restaurant and you see a fussy baby crying because they are hungry and you see their mommy pick them up and place them in their arms slowing lowering her shirt to feed her hungry baby, your mouth starts to water and you want nothing more than to trade places with that little baby so you can be the one being held and breastfeed that warm sweet milk. I know your secret I know that when your sister comes over and bring your baby niece, you watch her change her little fluffy diaper and clean her little bottom all you dream about is how it is actually you in the pretty little dress having you bottom gently wiped and cleaned with such care. I know all your adult baby secrets. Give me a call so we can talk all about them. 
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