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My Bio: 

     Hi there sweet babies, I am Lil Mom Janey because I am both a secret Mommy in training and an ABDL baby. Some people may think that this is impossible to do, but it is super easy for me to be in both roles. I am also mommy's girl, and I enjoy it when Mommy dresses me up so lovely; she says that I am her perfect little princess. Mommy and I spend a lot of wonderful time together, and I love it when it changes me into lovely comfy diapers that are pink with pretty flowers on it and then tops it all off with plastic pants that are also pink. It makes Mommy so ecstatic when she watched me crawl around and waddle when I was dressed up for her. I am a hush-hush Mommy in training when Mommy gets distracted and does not look at what I am doing. When she steps away to go and do something such as cook something or take a shower, I use that time to play Mommy to her AB/DLs. I know what to do because I always focus on what she does when she takes care of her babies. I know how to change babies in diapers because I watch how she does it. Mommy always prefers to use Vaseline, and then she tops it off with fresh powder. She always knows how to make sure that her babies are comfy and snug, and so she never makes their diapers too tight; she leaves a little bit of room in there for them. The way that she does it makes her babies have room for their pee-pees to move around, or if they have pussies it leaves room for them to slip their hands inside of their diapers o play with their clitties. I love to see Mommy smile when she diapers her babies and moves away, and they play with their pee-pees and clitties; it gives Mommy so much happiness and satisfaction.

She loves to see her babies smile with happiness and joy, and so do I. Remember, I know what Mommy feels like to be freshly changed because she does it to me. When I am a secret Mommy, I like to give the babies full range to survey, suckle and imbibe on my breasts. Oh, what a lovely feeling it is to hold multiple babies close to me while they suck on my titties! I love the feeling so very much, and I love the closeness as well so much. Sometimes when the adult babies are in my lap sucking on my tits while my Mommy cooks and gets lunch ready, I like to take my hand and stick it in their diapers. Sometimes the diapers I stick my hand into are dry, and sometimes they are wet. I love to take the babies' hands and place them on both of my titties so they could fondle and feel the softness of my titties and the hardness of my pointy nipples. I especially find it fun when I stick my hand in a dry diaper, and I end up making it wet by making the baby leak out fresh and creamy cummies all on my hand and in the diaper as well. If you are one of my babies, you will always get special treatment. I will also look you in the eyes, and I will place your hands on my succulent and sweet cunt. I want to see you engage with my perfect cunt for you to get your hands wet and sticky. Enjoy the drippiness of my cunt and its warm juices. Now when you have stroked and handled my warm juices, it is best to savor the warm juices you just handled. Stick those sticky fingers into your mouth and suck them off like a popsicle stick. Go from the top of your fingers to the bottom and relish and appreciate all my goodness on your fingers.

Ensure that you do not leave anything back because my sweet sticky juices are a real treat. After you finished cleaning off your fingers of my sweet and sticky goodness, I will hold you I my arms while I coddle you and hold you close and sing sweet lullabies to you. I will make you feel so sheltered and secure, and no detriment will come your way when I have you so close being held in my arms. No matter what we do, make sure that it stays between us, and it is not told to my Mommy. She will not bear that her baby princess is playing Mommy behind her back, and it would sadden her a great deal, so mums the word. Just keep this secret nice and silent, and everything will be simply fine. And when Mommy gets back from the kitchen from making lunch, we will play with toys together so she can see all the babies playing and having a lot of fun. We will share toys and drool and crawl all around and enjoy each other's company. We will hug and kiss as babies this time and not as Mommy in training when Mommy is around, so she will not suspect anything. I love to trick my Mommy and make her think that I can only be a baby, and I love to play all sorts of naughty games with you when she is not around. I want to wait until she takes a shower to take my finger, put it in your bottom, and play doctor with you. I will make my finger pretend to be a thermometer, and when I stick it in your bottom, you must not move and remain still so I can check your temperature. You can tense up your bottom when it happens, but it will not hurt you too much because I will make sure to put some Vaseline on my finger first so that it can both glide and slide right into your little butthole.

  • Mommy in Training

  • Diaper Changes

  • Playing Dress-Up

  • Powdering


    Diaper Emergency call 1 (888) 430-2010

    May 17, 2024

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