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     I am your cousin Jenna, and I am that family member that teases and makes fun of you. I make fun of adult babies because they are so small and need help and cannot do anything by themselves. I find that so hilarious and funny, and I enjoy humiliating them for it. Adult babies talk and walk funny and even look funny too. When they are wearing a bib and a pacifier and a shirt that is so tiny that their bellies stick out like they ate too much cake or overdid it at all you can eat buffet restaurant. I have no choice but to make fun of them for looking so weird. And when I see the drool that comes from their mouths and trailing down their chins, it looks like gooey slime dripping out of a can. I enjoy being the cousin that likes to tease silly babies. That is how I get my fun for the day – seeing you start to frown and cry because I made fun of you in a special way. I will not be hugging silly babies or giving them any love for mommies to do, and I am not a mommy, so I am a cousin. Cousins do things differently than mommies. I am the cousin that will make fun of you and tease you and do my best to try not to understand you. You are my form of entertainment, and I will laugh at you until I cannot laugh anymore. I like to make sure that I dress up little boy babies as little sissies. Adult babies should wear dresses because they might as well be girls, as their dicks are so little anyway. When your prick is small like a toothpick, and your balls are as small as aspirins, you might as well admit that you have a clit. If you admit that you have a clit, you acknowledge your small and incompetent cock, so you practically can say that you have a pussy. And if you have a pussy you must be treated like a sissy. You are not manly in any way; you are a sissy with a pussy because you possess such a tiny clit. When I make you into my sissy, you will have to wear whatever I choose to dress you in. I can either dress you in a ballerina dress with a dunce hat on your head, or I can dress you in a crotchless bathing suit you can embarrass yourself.

Another thing I can do is make you take a piss in your clothes after dressing you in them and make you walk around the neighborhood with a sign that reads, “I pissed myself today.” I would be so happy to see all the cars driving by tapping on their horns and the people in the neighborhood pointing at you and laughing hysterically. I would make them pose with you and take photos for their respective social media pages, and they will upload it with the sign, and you will be told to smile for the camera. It would also be so much fun to have you dance around like a little monkey in your crotchless bathing suit and to see your little clitty cock bounce up and down like a drunk little worm. I would make you do jumping jacks, and I will have you jog in place so that both your balls and your tiny dick would shake and bounce around. When you beg for me to stop all the teasing so we could go back inside, and you can hide from all the strangers, I would purposely make sure to leave you outside longer than you would want. I love to see your cheeks turn a pale red color as you must deal with the ordeal of humiliation that comes with public embarrassment. The best part of all of this is when I would do my research and find out the location of your ex-girlfriends so I could call them behind your back so that they can see what you look like now and have a good laugh at our expense.

They will have flashbacks of nightmares and realities of when they were in relationships with you, and they can trade stories with each other while they ogle for many hours at your inadequate dick and stuffy tight balls. I can see them now taking selfies with your dick and then adding that pic to the profile photo if your name is on their phones. You should be enormously proud of yourself for creating new memories that they can treasure and laugh at for a lifetime. Then I will take a bullhorn and make an announcement, and it will be that anyone driving by can either throw tomatoes or eggs at you, and you will have to smile and ask for them to pelt more items at you. I would love to see some women toss their used tampons in your face, and you would not be able to anything about it but grin and deal with it. If it decides to rain, I will take myself into the house, but I will make you remain outside to get drenched while you hold up your pissy sign for all to see. I will make myself a smoothie and sit by the window with you in clear view so I can watch you go through the nightmare while I enjoy it from the comfort of the house. I have so many more things to do to you that you are not even aware of yet. The more I think about treating you like a piece of garbage, the more excited I get. And if I feel like it, when someone walks their dog, I will make you carry out a new sign that will read, “Poop Collector” so you can collect all the various poops from the dogs in the neighborhood; then you will have to put it inside your bathing suit and walk around smiling.

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    Diaper Emergency call 1 (888) 430-2010

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