Baby Katie

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My Bio: 

     I am baby Katie, and I am a lot of fun. Just ask all the mommies, and they will tell you that I absolutely love being treated like a baby. I love to wear diapers, and I love it when I am fed and cared for. I try my best to be a good baby, but other times it is hard, and I behave badly. It is like I have the good angel on one shoulder, and I have the bad angel on the other shoulder, and many times the bad angel makes me do naughty things. The other day I got into trouble because my mommy gave me a coloring book and crayons to play with, and she left me alone for a couple of minutes to see what I was going to color. When she returned, she saw that I started to color, and I stopped, and I decided to color the walls instead. All over mommy’s white walls was my art of crayons of all colors. Some crayons were red, yellow, pink, green, blue, pink, gold, silver, and orange. I loved coloring the walls so much. When mommy saw what I did, she punished me so hard. She pulled down my diaper and put me over her knee, and she spanked me so hard that there were welts in my bottom from the flogging tool that she used. I cried so much because I thought my drawing was so pretty that I could not understand why mommy spanked me so much. After I was finished getting spanked, she put me in the corner to sit and be quiet with a paci in my mouth. I was quiet, and I behaved, but I could not help it when I had to pee, so I peed a lot of pee in my diaper.

I love the way my pee feels when I let all of it out inside of my diaper. It is such a relief to empty my belly and get all that hot piss all inside my diaper all around my pussy and ass. I love that feeling so much; it feels so good. I love being in diapers, and I like it when they are dry, but I love it when they are wet. I think it makes my pussy feel softer and smoother when my pussy is loves being sauteed in piss while I wear my diaper. I stay in my diapers all day, and I do not need to wear a shirt. After all, my boobies need to be free because I am a fun-loving baby. I like my boobies to be massaged and sucked when I play with my toys and suck on my paci, because it makes me feel so good. I do not mind when I piss myself in my diapers because I have so many diapers. My mommy got a lot of them for me from the price club, so we are stocked up on diapers for months, so I can keep pissing myself all day and all night, and it is okay. I look so cute when I have my diapers on. I look like a sweet baby girl, and that is why everybody says that I am their favorite baby. I have such great tits that bounce up and down when I run around the house. Come and chase me around the house and play balloons with me and watch my tits bounce up and down when we play. I also like to play a game called how long should I hold the balls in my mouth. In this game, my daddy will pull down his zipper, put his balls in my mouth, and get a timer on his watch and count how long I can hold it. One time I broke a record, and I held the balls in my mouth for a whole 20 minutes. Daddy was so proud that he gave me his dickpop, which is his penis to suck. I love sucking daddy’s dickpop. If you are my daddy, I will love to suck your dickpop too. You can give me your dickpop to suck just the way it is, or you can add some honey or peanut butter on it.

I love sucking dickpops that have been decorated or dipped in something sweet. It is my all-time favorite treat. I can have dickpops for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When I suck on dickpops, I am always a winner. I love it when I feel the dickpop at the back of my throat. Sometimes if I suck down too far on it, the dickpop will make me gag. I even vomited one time because the dickpop went down too far in my throat, but because it tasted so good, I kept sucking it, and out of the blue, I felt my throat feel funny, and a lot of vomit came right up, and daddy told me to keep sucking and do not stop. If I am sucking on your dick pop, I will not stop sucking even if I throw up. I will make sure to be a good girl and suck on your dickpop and not stop until you tell me to. All I want is for my mommy and my daddy to be happy. Please be my mommy or my daddy, and I will make you happy. I will not get mad when I am bad, and you punish me because I know that I deserve it for being bad. And I will do anything that you tell me to do to be a baby that you can be proud and happy with. Call me now to make me your baby girl and let us play and have a lot of fun. I will already be topless while wearing my diaper and all ready to play with you. So, do not make me wait any longer, I want to taste your dickpop if you are my daddy, and if you are my mommy, I will lick your pussy so much too.

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    Diaper Emergency call 1 (888) 430-2010

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