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     Hello my sweet Pumpkin, I am Mommy Liz! I love to roleplay on the phone, and I enjoy talking to all callers, though my favorite callers are adult babies. I love to play with both male and female adult babies. I am a very open-minded mommy. Though I was raised in a strict household, I tend to be lenient when it comes to being open and expressive, and sexual when I engage in roleplay sessions. Roleplaying has always been the thing that riles me up. It is something that I am very passionate about, and it excited me much. My pussy gets wet when I take charge of my babies, overwhelm them with love and kindness, and chastise them when they decide to be naughty. I hail from Texas, so as a Southern-born and raised girl, I spent many days and nights being disciplined by bending over my mama's knees to be spanked. I was spanked silly, in addition to my sisters. However, my brothers were punished in a humiliating manner by what my mother referred to as "petticoat punishment." This type of punishment was when she would dress up my brothers in pretty pink frilly dresses. She would also put makeup on their faces, put bows in their hair, and made them walk around the neighborhood dressed like little girls. This type of punishment was something that I adopted as an ABDL mommy to implement in my method of sissy training when I dress up and humiliate my sissies. I'm an imaginative Mommy -- I can be caring, thoughtful, and compassionate one moment, feeding you my titties to suck and lick on, then put you in diapers.

And I can also be the mommy that bends you over my knees to give you a good old fashioned spanking. I am also a MILF that loves to suck and fuck my ABDL babies. I believe that if fucking and sucking is a crime, I am happy to do time. I love sucking the cocks and pussies of my adult babies. When I suck my babies' cocks I like to peel the skin back if it is not circumcised with my mouth and pull and tease the foreskin with my mouth. If my babies are circumcised, I like to put the tip of the entire mushroom head in my mouth and suck it while I circle my tongue around it. I see cocks as natural lollipops that must be sucked, licked, and kissed, and I do a great job at it. I also find satisfaction and enjoyment in playing with the balls with my tongue as I kiss them, and I like the way they feel when I massage them in my hand. When I devour my adult baby's cock, I enjoy getting some pre-cock milk on my tongue, and I like to swallow it down once it hits the back of my throat. When I play with my adult baby girls, I enjoy eating every single part of their pussies. I even love to like the crevice that separates their pussies from their thighs. Having my face sandwiched in between the legs of my pretty and obedient adult baby girls is the best place to want to be. When they wrap their feet by their ankles and my face is securely fixated on their cunts is one of my favorite parts. My mouth will have front row seats to suck their pussies like mussels being sucked at an all you can eat buffet. If I want seconds, thirds, fourths, or fifths, all happen as my face enjoys where it is. I enjoy sucking wet and juicy pussies until they become swollen and sore. There is something about burying my face in pussy that starts off moist, but it becomes drippy, wet, and puffy once I am done sucking on it.

I love, delight in, and appreciate humiliating my sweet sissies as well, and I do enjoy moments where I do a girly pampering session day. Some of my sissies I put them in diapers, panties, plastic pants, and others I put them in dresses, change their male names to female names, and we fuck each other and have hot "lesbian" sissy and mommy sex. I love making my sissies bend over and suck on my dildo, and once they have sucked it and saturated it enough with their saliva, I like to have the bend over and grab their ankles so I could pull their panties to the side and fuck them in their tight little assholes. I love ramming my dildo into their assholes and peeking to the side at my bedroom mirror to watch their cock and balls flap around as dogs' ears do in the wind. My sissies love to be fucked and feminized by me; they live for this. Being on the receiving end of my dildo and being obedient to my hard thrusting is one way to show their loyalty to me. I also mentor my sissies on how to think and act like the best sissy that they can be. They have to be confident and love who they are, always believe in a feminine way and abandon masculine thoughts or ideals. They have to walk a certain way and talk a certain way as well. They must master their mannerisms, and they must have manners. They will sit with their legs crossed at all times, and they must also practice proper posture. They must have a makeup kit with them at all times if they need to freshen up their faces, and they must have a unique scent of a perfume that is precisely their own. When a person passes by a sissy and smells their perfume scent, they will always remember that sissy when they smell the same scent on another person in passing. A sissy must leave her mark on the lives of others and be memorable. No two sissies are alike, and all sissies – especially my sissies are special.

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    Diaper Emergency call 1 (888) 430-2010

    June 5, 2024

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    June 5, 2024

    Paul is Turned Into A Baby! (part 1)

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