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    Greetings to all adult babies and submissives - my name is Minnie, and I am an experienced Granny who engages in the ABDL lifestyle. I love adult babies, and I enjoy roleplaying with them. I primarily serve as a dominatrix, and I can also roleplay the caring Granny or the sexy GILF who lives next door. The possibilities are limitless as to what we can do together. The older, the better is what I say. If you want a sexual fantasy experience unlike any other, then we need to roleplay together. When I engage in a dominatrix role, I am in charge, yielding power and control. The word dominatrix is the female version of the term Latin dominator. A Latin dominator is a tern that came about in 1561 to mean a ruler, and at that time, the term was non-sexual. The female version defines a professional dominant who works in the ABDL and BDSM lifestyle with a submissive. When I roleplay with an adult baby or a submissive, it is called a "session," and I conduct my sessions at Phone A Mommy remotely over the phone or online with private text/chat. Though most people think about a dominant woman as someone who holds power over men, many dominant women also have female submissives. Most people feel that dominatrices are synonymous with pain, torture, and severe punishment, but there are roleplay sessions that involve humiliating assignments and servitude. My adult baby diaper lovers do many things for me as is expected.

They will clean my house, wash my car, cook for me, shower me, and wash my hair. I even have the option of wiping my own ass when I take a shit, or I will make one of my submissives do it. When I go to the beach or lay at the pool, my submissives will feed me freshly cut fruits, feed me drinks, and massage sunscreen on my body every hour. This is a lifestyle that works for us both. They need someone to serve as that receive fulfillment from that, and likewise, I enjoy being on the receiving end of that and be worshipped. Though I am a Granny, I don't dress like a typical one. I prefer to wear outfits such as those that represent sexiness and strength. My outfits range from fitted bodycon animal print dresses to latex corsets, long latex or leather boots, or high heels and stockings. When I wear these outfits, they are never complete without my whips, paddles, belts, chains, and sex toys. I must always have my toys and tools on hand because they will have to be used on someone at any given moment. When I get up in the a.m., I want to see the house the way I left it the night before. If I don't find the house in the same condition that I left it the night before and it is in disarray, someone will be punished. I will walk into your room and wake you up. I will grab you by your ears and walk you to the living room. While you are on your hands and knees, you will have to pick things up and put them away. And after you have made your mess a thing of the past, I will pull off your boxers and bend you over my knees and spank you with any tool of my choice. I may even alternate between my bare hands, then my whip and my paddle. Afterward, it will be time for me to discipline you by forcing you into diapers. It would be best if you were taught a lesson, and I am the granny that will gladly teach it to you. The diapers that I will force you in will be bulky, crinkly, and pink.

They will be the perfect fit to put you in. I will not only force you into diapers, but I will also make you go outside in my front yard and sit there in your diaper on a lawn chair. This way, the neighbors and anyone else from outside of the neighborhood who passes by will see you in your crinkly pink diapers. They will all walk past you, and they will laugh hysterically and point, and at no time will you be allowed to leave your post. You will have to sit there while the sun beats on your face while you remain in your diaper and tiny baby shirt. You will look like a big dummy because I will also have you wear a dunce hat. And when your bladder becomes full from all of the water that I will force you to guzzle down, you will have to pee inside the crinkly pink diaper you are wearing. That diaper will get your dick and balls wet, and you will look and smell like a loser. You will be soaking wet, sitting in the hot sun with no one to change you. This will bring me so much pleasure as I peek through the window from the house, watching you squirm while I sip on fresh lemonade. Now, if you were a well-behaved baby – I won't have to be as harsh and strict with you like when I punish you. When you behave yourself, I like to have fun with you and play many fun games. One of the things that I like to do is blindfold you. When I blindfold you, I like to place your arms in the air and engage in sensory play. When I engage in sensory play, I will use a feather to touch various parts of your body and direct my hands down. Once I move my hand down, I will enjoy removing your underwear, and then I'll lightly glide by your cock without touching it. This type of foreplay is very erotic. But you won't get to enjoy my good side if you are a bad baby that pissed me off. So the choice is yours. Behave and be treated wonderfully or upset me and feel the wrath of Granny Minnie.

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