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March 1, 2020
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March 4, 2020

I have a nursery room at my home that is decorated in pinks and purples. This nursery has a lovely white adult baby crib, a squishy crib liner with lace ruffles, and a mobile hanging above it with stars and unicorns dancing to a beautiful lullaby. There are several stuffed animals waiting to be snuggled by a sweet baby, and a pacifier with a little picture of a tiara on it. The closet is full of hanging dresses and girly things in every color and style, shoes lined up neatly beneath in rows. In the corner, there is a floor length mirror, so that its viewer can see their entire ensemble from head to toe. Now, you might think that this perfect nursery would belong to a baby girl. The truth is, that this is a nursery designed with love and care for a beautiful sissy baby. These cuties see just how special it is to be coddled and spoiled by their ABDL Mommy. I have all of the time and love to give to these sweeties, and there is no better feeling than getting a sissy to open up to you and let you show them how life can be with their new Mommy. Ruffles and bows galore, my little sissy will get to go everywhere I go and learn just how to be a perfect girl for Mommy. Always diapered and dressed up pretty, my little sissy is the example of a lovely little lady. No dirty diaper will go unnoticed by me, and they will always be changed lovingly and with plenty of kisses and tickles on that sissy clit. This mommy knows just what a sissy girl needs.
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