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Emasculation Phone Sex
November 7, 2015
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Fun With Mommy
November 23, 2015

I’ve always used diapering as a punishment for my sissy bitch, but recently I decided that it would be fun if he learned to enjoy them a little as well. After so long, my little sissy associated diapers with being upset and I didn’t know if I could teach him that wetting and messing a diaper could be a lot of fun. I finally decided that wetting would be a great first step, so I pulled out my laptop and typed up a quick schedule of when and how much he should drink throughout the day, and how often he was allowed to pee while he was at work. When he got home he had to pee so bad, but as soon as he made a beeline to the toilet, I stopped him. I told him that he had to take his clothes off and put on a diaper, and he wasn’t allowed to use a toilet until he wet his diaper. He loved it! I’m so glad my husband is starting to feel differently about diapering.

— Barbie <3


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