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My Hubby
November 11, 2015
She was standing and looking sexy, and she gave a startled reaction.
Diaper Changes with Mommy Candy
November 29, 2015
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Fun With Mommy

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I had so much fun with one my abdl phone sex callers today. First thing I had to do was get my abdl boy dressed for the day we had planned. Once he was nice and snug in his fresh diaper and onesie, I went ahead and made him a bottle for breakfast and packed a couple more in the diaper bag for later. Once the stroller was packed and I buckled him into his car seat we were ready to start our day! Our first stop on our little adventure was to Grandma’s house. He got so happy when he saw his Nana come out of the house and join us in the car. We took Grandma with us to take him toy shopping! He was so happy when Nana and I both said he could pick out a toy from each of us. He got a rubber ducky to play with in the tub and then he picked out the biggest teddy bear I’ve ever seen! He couldn’t wait to get home and play with his new toys. And as soon as my little adult baby was all tuckered out I tucked him in his crib and put his new favorite teddy in there with him. Another perfect ending to a day filled with adult baby phone sex




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