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July 20, 2009
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July 23, 2009

I have always been a diapered boy, but I never had the courage to tell about my love for diapers and its affect on me. My mother put in diapers because she always new it would help supplement my need for them as well. Since birth I was born with a condition called Cerebral Palsy; a condition affecting the neural transmission of messages from the brain the muscles. As a result of this, my bladder and bowels were affected. i can get to the bathroom- but not without struggle. 70% of the time I wouldn’t make it in time, thus ruining my clothes and my pride. My knew this and sought to put an end to my misery. One day she came home diapers and supplies in hand, unclothed me, gave me a bath, dried me off and placed in the first of many diaper changes to come. At the end of every change she was gave me love and attention.

As I got older my mother never anyone outside about my condition accept those within my family and close friends. This was no problem for me because my mom always knew the most amazing babysitters in town, I loved me too boy, it didn’t matter if I was poopy or soaking wet they loved to changed my diaper. They were also experts in making me laugh. Traditionally they could get me to laugh by just tickling me on the bottom of my feet or a great big belly blow which I was guaranteed to fill my diaper which meant another diaper change and more tender loving care from those who love me most.

Now that I have moved out of out my own to attend college it has been a bit harder to find someone willing to fulfill the role of a mother figure in my life. I soon discovered that I would have to learn to change my own diapers if was going to make it through college. Still I was going have to figure out a way to conceal my dependance on diapers, as not embarrass myself in front of my friends. I went without diapers for a time….. It seemed that I was finally take control of a condition that had had a grip on me for so long, Like all conditions they never really go away completely, because many of the same struggles I had always had resurfaced. For a while I simply struggled with it, that was until came across a website called I Heart Diapers.com, This a website in which Adrian, a 24 year college student uses the website as a tool to address the life style of adult babies and diaper lovers….It was because of help and guiding words that prompted me to buy a pack of bambino diapers. Once I could wait for them to get them on to try them out. I even took it a step further by going out and buying Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder and a container of Pampers Swipers (Based on a review that Adrian had done months earlier.

The day my diapers arrived was a thrilling day. The moment I attach the diaper around my waist I knew I had regained control of my life. The fact I could use my diaper any time I felt the urge was so invigorating that I wanted to share with everyone I knew. For all my attempts, i was still fearful about what others would think of me. I didn’t want to feel judged or ridiculed for a condition I had no control over, My search had now become a quest for a community that would allow me to say and do what was in my heart and not feel bad about the life I was building for myself,

Then, on July 11th 2009 I came across a website called phoneamommy.com, I was curious so i entered the main chat room. The first to greet me was Ava one of the ladies who worked for the site. As I recall I was extremely nervous and asking a lot of silly questions, Ava, was extremely professional and had a answer for every question I presented. I was starting to get feeling that i should maybe call her since that was the only way I would ever know the full measure of the experience. After I found out how I was to pay for the call, I thanked Ava and looked forward to things here and i would act out during the duration of the call. As i had mentioned in the beginning of my story I throughly enjoyed having my diaper changed and that exactly what she did. to make the even more realistic….ava made sure to narrate the experience as it happened. As I closed my eyes I see this beautiful women performed my beloved diaper change. I was so excited that I didn’t want it too end, but sadly it did. Ava had fulfill every expectation I had and for that I was most grateful.

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