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September 26, 2018
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Naughty Diaper Girl Fun With Friends! (part 1)

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I’m sniffling hard right now, and it hurts so bad to sit down! Mommy Brenda gave me a ABDL Stacey right on my bare bottom! I got caught playing naughty games in my diapers with some of our really friendly neighbors. It’s great how many strong guys live nearby that are so willing to help me with changing my diapers, but Mommy doesn’t agree with that. What’s so wrong with it? I love how their rough hands feel while they pull my legs up and apart when they untape my used diaper, then clean me up with lots of baby wipes. It doesn’t matter if I have on a wet or messy diaper because once I’m all clean I get frisky and happy in a new diaper we have lots of fun! They always make me moan and giggle by playing with my bouncing tits, pinching my hard nipples, and wrapping their lips around them to suck on them till they’re bright red and shiny with spit. Their thick fingers shove my diaper to the side and push into my soaking wet pussy and my tight ass making me squirm! Want to find out what happens next? Just click right here or give me a ABDL Stacey call so you can tell me how you’re naughty!



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