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February 6, 2019
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February 11, 2019
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Pegged By Your Dominant Wife (part 1)

Hot brunette in sexy glasses is pleasantly fucking the boy

You know something I really like about your dominant mistress in the bedroom? We are going to go out to eat tonight with our friends, dear. We are going to laugh and chat with everyone, looking as normal as the next couple. They might notice that you’re sitting a little stiffly, like you’re really sore, maybe even catch you wincing when you forget and move too quickly. They’ll ask what’s wrong and you’ll laugh and say you slept on your back or something. Everyone will start talking about the times they threw their back out, the subject will move on to something
Else, but you will look over to see me smirking at you. We will both know exactly what has you sore and it’s not your back! It’s going to be how tender your ass will be after I finish pegging you with my ten inch strap-on dildo. Every painful twitch is going to be a reminder of how good it felt for me to fuck you into the mattress. Click right here to read what happens next and call me for your pegging fetish phonesex.



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