A mommy's diaper girl sucking the hot nipples
Mommy Candy’s Little ABDL Loves
September 6, 2020
Abdl Diaper Girl wearing the Diaper to playing alone
Diaper Girl Fun!
September 7, 2020

Oh my goodness… I can’t recall in all of my years taking care of ABDLs ever having seen a little tiny peepee that is sooo pathetically tiny before! I can’t believe that your father did not warn me about this thing before I agreed to marry him and help to take care of you… What am I supposed to do with this tiny thing? Laugh? That is a given… I can hardly control myself when I open up your adult baby diaper and that tiny little speck is staring back at me. Well, at least you will never be able to forget what a sissy baby that you are… After all, how could you possibly forget when you have that useless little cock stuck between your legs? No woman would ever be able to do anything with that, least of all get any pleasure from that. But I know that me degrading you and reminding you of your lesser status this way just gets you off and gets you excited. It may be nearly microscopic, but this stepmom can still tell when a peepee is (making an attempt to start) getting hard. Unfortunately for you, my soft skilled fingers will not be wrapping themselves sweetly around what is there of that little cock. Nope! These fingers will only roughly pinch, poke, and pull on that laughable little cock, so you had better keep it out of my sight or you will leave with it red and sore!
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