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Brattiness Part 1
June 11, 2016
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June 26, 2016

Aww look at mommy’s little abdl-baby. You look so cute in your pink onesie and pink pacifier. Mommy’s got to get you ready for your little play date today. Lets give you a bubble bath and you can play with your toys in the tub. I pick out a cute little pinky sissy dress with ruffles and glitter all over it. You clap your hands because you love this dress. I put on your baby doll shoes and put blush on your cheeks because its a special occasion. I put you in your stroller and we walk to the park to meet up with abdl-mommy Tawny and her abdl-baby Alyssa. Alyssa is sitting in her stroller and wearing an extravagant pink dress as well. As soon as you see each other, you both jump out of your strollers to hug each other. You both hold hands as you both race to the swings. As Mommy Tawny and I sit on the bench watching our little babies.



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