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July 3, 2022
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Brenda’s Diaper Fetish ABDL Dell
July 3, 2022
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Playing With Aunt Brenda Will Get You Hooked

abdl boy with finger in ass from lady

sticking a finger in his assPlaying With Aunt Brenda Will Get You Hooked: I am Aunt Brenda, and I am the one that you need to call so we can have some erotica about sex. It does not matter if you are an abdl boy, an abdl girl, a sissy in diapers, or boys or girls in diapers; once you try Aunt Brenda, you will never go back.

If I want to toss you on my bed so that I am facing your back while you are on your knees, I will make sure that you keep your eyes closed and not turn your head around. I will be very quiet when I choose to, and I won’t make a sound when I retrieve a feather that will be used to slightly tickle you underneath your shaved and saggy balls. I won’t want you to budge or even move as you are to prove to me that you can control yourself while I tickle you with the feather, which means not moving a muscle or even releasing a fart.

If you are naughty and decide to move, laugh, or fart, you won’t be going anywhere until I make sure to discipline you exactly where you need to be disciplined. I will make sure to dip my finger in some lube and saturate it all the way to the top so that my knuckles get a little lube also. Then you will have to arch your back and spread your legs so that I can open up your sweet buttock cheeks.

I will wait a few minutes while you wait all exposed, and that is because I want you to sense my eyes on you ogling your asshole and you cannot move. When I am ready and without warning, I will shove my finger inside of your wrinkled anus and I will finger-fuck your asshole until your prostate is stimulated. You will tighten up your body and feel like you want to cum, and that is when I will make sure to milk you by penetrating your ass and slightly grasping and jerking your cock.

As I allow your milky juices to fall and trickle down on my fingers, I will make sure to collect enough serum in order to tub it all over your face. You, my dear, need a cum facial, and that is exactly why I will make sure to rub it all over your face. Your eyelids, nose, lips, and chin will be able to hold all of your moisture, and you will keep it there and allow for it to harden.

You will then have to keep your own cums on your face for the rest of the day, and I will even have you run a few errands to the store and back for items that I need, and when asked by others about the slimy film on your face, you will let them know that your Aunt Brenda rubbed your cummies all over your face. I will laugh at the thought of how humiliated you will be, and that is because this is exactly what you deserve.

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