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David quickly walked down the school hallway, staying on the edges of the crowd, everyone else trying to get to their classes. He could feel his diaper squelching between his thighs, so he was rushing to get to the nurse’s office, where she had a stash of abdl diapers tucked away just for him. He could lock the door and wouldn’t have to worry about anyone walking in! He had a few close calls with that before when he was using one of the bathrooms way at the back of the school, even though hardly anyone ever went in there. That got scary enough that he finally told the nurse about his incontinence and she let him keep his diapers in one of her desk drawers. He was dodging around one of the cheerleaders walking into the girl’s restroom and didn’t see someone sneaking up behind him. He just felt hands at hips, grasping at his pants, then a breeze against his legs as his pants were pulled down to his ankles, his wet diaper exposed for everyone to see!

He reached for his pants, blushing like crazy when the closest kids around him started to point and laugh when someone grabbed his arm and yanked him into the girl’s bathroom. The cheerleader had him, dragging him in front of all her pretty friends! “Look girls, we’ve got a big baby on our hands!” They all started to giggle, and David stood there, trying to cover his diaper with his hands, just to have one of the girls knock his hands out of the way. “No, silly, don’t cover that up! Hey, Jessica, do you still have that pink potty, the one you brought here for a joke? The little plastic one? Pull it out if you do, seems like someone here needs to be potty trained!” The girls started to pull all his clothes off, leaving him in nothing but his wet diaper. He tried to stop them, but they threatened to throw him right back outside for everyone to gawk at, so he just stood there and let them maneuver him around.

They had him sitting on the pink potty, his diaper off, but started to laugh when nothing happened at all. “He really must be a baby, he can’t go potty without his diaper!” They put him back in a clean diaper (one of them sneaked into the nurses station), set him back down, and to his embarrassment it wasn’t more than a minute before he started to soak the new diaper. That only made them giggle and tease him even more, saying that he would have to come here everyday for his potty training, he wasn’t in any way able to do this himself. He was such a lucky baby to have several cute mommies willing and able to help him out like this! That’s what they told him, saying that they would keep everyone from teasing him as long as he kept coming to them for his potty training. It doesn’t seem like he has any choice!



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