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     Hello babies, I am Sara, and I am a charming and delightful new mommy in training, learning how to be knowledgeable in nurturing adult baby diaper lovers. I fell in love with the ABDL lifestyle a few years ago, and I was always fascinated by the thought of being a mommy but did not pursue it yet until the time was right. I researched and studied all about the ABDL lifestyle, and I decided that I was ready to take the plunge as a mommy. It was best to follow around some mommies as they tended to their babies to learn more about my new craft. I have been shadowing other mommies to learn everything I can to take care of babies properly. I just enjoyed a fantastic session with a tremendous mommy where there was an adult baby who could not stop wetting his bed, and he would purposely take off his diapers in his crib at night and urinate all over the sheets to make sure that the crib was fully saturated. He liked to see the alarmed look on his mommy’s face in the morning when she entered his room and saw a bunch of piss, like a giant puddle, in the middle of his crib. He was sitting there, very mischievously, with a silly smile on his guilty face anticipating what was to happen next. He purposely did this because he knew that after the mommy changed the crib, he would be cleaned up and then spanked before his mommy put him in new diapers. The way that this adult baby chose to conduct himself let me know that not all babies are petrified of punishment and some adore getting their little bottoms spanked. The session with which I watched a mommy and her ABDL baby engage in roleplay was my idea of fun.

What was also remarkable was when I had my session where there was an adult baby; I was having a lot of fun engaging in a mommy and son diaper changing session. I had him play with washable paint, and he would put his handprint on paper, and we had a blast for most of the day. He seemed to be the perfect baby until all that niceness went out the window. After he drank buckets of water for most of the day, I notice that he did not pee all day. He would tell me that he did not have to pee and when I went to check his penis by removing his diaper without caveat, he would piss directly in my face when I attempted to change his diaper. His piss was so hot and steamy, and it would spray all over my forehead, eyes, nose, and lips. I knew that this baby was asking for a spanking based on his actions, and I was eager to convey the just and due punishment. I cleaned him off first by wiping off all the pissy residue from his genitals. He smiled and chuckled with glee, and I told him that before I ensue with the remainder of his diaper change, I will ensure to impart to him his lesson. I flipped him over my knee, and I rubbed his bottom gently, and then I took my bare and was slightly damp from the baby wipes, and I spanked him repeatedly. He pretended to be in pain, but he was relishing every single second of it. He moved his hips from side to side, which caused his penis and balls to press up against my knee. I then realized that he was utilizing this moment to get aroused both ways. The spanking turned him on because his dick and balls were against my thighs. It was such a spectacle to see his cum spill all over my legs during the spanking session. I told him that he was naughty and that he had to go in the corner and sit on his sore and spanked bare bottom with his cum stained dick and balls with no diaper on yet.

The room was rather cold, and he begged to be covered because he was naked and fully exposed, but I unwaveringly refused and made sure that he sat naked on the floor in the corner. I did not want him to be comfortable, so I went to the kitchen and filled up a spray bottle with ice-cold water, and sprayed his cummy genitals while he sat on the floor in the corner. He begged me to diaper him, and I told him that I would decide to do that at my leisure and not his. He then positioned his head down and waited for me to determine my next steps. After thirty minutes lapsed, I took him to the bed and wiped him off for the second time with warm baby wipes because I had them in a baby wipes warmer. He sighed a breath of relief because this warm treatment was what he needed. His entire body relaxed, and he was no longer tense, but his face echoed a combination of happiness and freedom. After much thought, he apologized for being a naughty adult baby diaper lover, and he thanked me for taking care of him. I took some Vaseline and rubbed his cleaned genitals so softly, and he moaned with the mini massage that his cock and balls received. I did not use any powder on him as he was sensitive and easily itched, so I just folded over the diaper on him and closed the tabs. The treatment I just mentioned is an example of what I will do to you if you are my adult baby. I will take care of you and be sensitive to your needs, and if there are any allergies, I will make sure that I am aware and tend to you carefully. I am a considerate mommy, but that does not mean that I will overlook naughty behaviors and circumvent you from being punished. Any time punishment is warranted, I will make sure that it is done.

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    June 5, 2024

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