Young Mom Gentle Putting Diaper on with Her Tender Hands
Sub Space Sissy Part 1
November 26, 2018
Hot Boy Wearing the Sissy white Adult diaper
AB Needs A Change!
December 4, 2018

Mary May licked her lips, feeling such a deep craving for ABDL Stacey to take her in any way she wanted. Mommy laughed, seeing how wanton and needy her slut was was exactly what she wanted. After all, when she had first caught her pathetic boyfriend wearing her panties she had promised him then that she would fully transform him into a desperate, cock-hungry sissy slut and looking at her now, she was well on the way. Mommy snapped and pointed to her cock and like a moth to the flame, sissy found herself crawling to her domme and licking her cock slut lips before wrapping them around the giant dildo, humming in happiness as she felt Mommy’s fingers lacing through her hair and pulling her closer. “Take it all, slut, deepthroat mommy’s strap on cock like the whore you truly are” Hearing that was all it took for for Mary May to burst, hot white cummies spurting out of her twitching clitty.


 Mommy Jackie

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