That girl is wild
February 5, 2008
Phonesex fantasy girl Lacy
February 7, 2008

As i am setting here by my picture window watching the snow come down i was wondering if any of the baby’s will come for a visit today. I hope they do i sure have a lot of things i would like to do with them.First we would get all bundled up and go out side to play, maybe have a snowball fight or even make a  snow granny  and a snow baby of course we would dress snow  granny up in a nice apron and bonnet and put a diaper on the baby. wouldn’t that be so cute?

After we get to cold to stay outside we will come in and have a nice bowl of granny’s  homemade vegetable soup.and i know by this time the baby will be nice and tired and ready for a diaper change and a nap.I would clean them all up put on a fresh diaper and pjs after that it will be time for a nice cuddle by the fireplace. Want that feel so good being held in granny’s arms while she rocks you to sleep.So if you are as ready for some fun and a nice cuddle give granny a call

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